about us

the farmer

Born in Squamish, BC, Warren always dreamt of living on acreage. He is a crane & heavy equipment operator by trade, but he’s always looked for a place to explore his creative side. Moving to the Upper Squamish Valley, and working in the fields, as well as in his shop, allows him to do just that. He takes pride in his projects, making even the smallest jobs polished and perfect. He takes care of all the nitty gritty around here; from bucking up trees to shovelling manure. When he’s not hard at work, he is usually out hunting, fishing, quading, or seen on his vintage Honda dirt bikes. And he really is “my hero”!! *wink*

the farmer’s wife

I am a Greek girl from Vancouver, BC, and I grew up in the restaurant industry (surprise!). I’ve done everything in the front of house that you can imagine; i even have my Sommelier Diploma. When we got married, i naturally started cooking, trying new recipes, and striving to make everything from scratch. This got me thinking about food and where it came from. But being a city girl at heart, I was still scared and nervous when Warren suggested we move onto 10 acres. Then one day i picked up a magazine, and read about a 10-month farming program through Kwantlen University called Richmond Farm School. I quickly applied and never looked back. My favourite part? Cooking with the freshest ingredients, usually right out of the dirt!


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