growing raspberries part III: an update!


It worked! It worked! It TOTALLY worked!!

I was getting really worried for a minute there… Everyday I’d go by the patch, and check on the newly planted canes. And they seemed like a sorry sight; the growing tips all hunched over, some of the leaves going into senescence, and even some canes dying right back & turning black.


OH NO!! Was I a fool?! The laughing stock of the farmer’s {wives!}?? I mean, I knew I made a mistake, and should have cut the growing tips off right away after planting, to let the canes concentrate on root growth. But, I didn’t. Was the whole raspberry thing going to be a complete waste of time? Even the farmer had no faith…

And then the other day, when I was on berry patrol with the boy, I stopped to check the raspberries. YES! Side shoots were sprouting out of the joints between the cane and the somewhat dead leaves! I couldn’t believe it!! And there were even some new canes sprouting up right out of the earth!


So, I decided it was time to do what I should have done weeks ago: cut the growing tips off (they were dead anyway), so the plant can put its resources onto the new shoots. While I was at it, I also pruned back all the dead leaves, and pulled those black canes right out of the patch.


After cleaning up the weeds that had slowly crept in, I gave the canes a good soak with AO Trace Minerals in my watering can. It’s about an 8% solution for foliar spray, or in this case, a drench application, which works out to about 2/3 of a cup of minerals to my full 2-gallon watering can.

A few days later, I witnessed even more growth! Maybe we’ll even have berries by the end of summer..?


But for now, on the older existing canes, those sweet, sweet raspberries are slowly on their way….

…just joking! This was a few weeks ago. We already ate them all now…


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