the one that {almost!} made me quit.


I admit it. I’m guilty. I’ve let all my fans down. Yup, all seven of you. If it wasn’t for this post, right here, right now, I would have ALMOST stopped writing this blog. But, in my defence, I had good reason. It was, in fact, this very post which left me feeling defeated, and wanting to throw in the towel. All I wanted to do was simply show everyone, a few photos of the building of our chicken coop, with maybe a comical story thrown in there. But for me & my “farmy” internet, it wasn’t that easy. How long do you suppose it took to upload the photos for this post? what would be reasonable?  I mean, there are only 12 photos…. 5 mins? maybe 20? an hour perhaps? Nope..FOUR DAYS! That’s right, FOUR. According to wordpress, the last time I worked on this post was July 6th. So I literally sat inside, in the middle of the growing season, for 4 days, painfully watching each photo not upload.

So, if my internet is SO bad, why am I starting this up again, you ask? Well, it just so happens, that a kind man knocked on my door in the dead of winter, and was willing to climb onto our snow filled tin roof, and drill a little device onto our house that points towards an internet tower! We went from dial-up internet to wifi, in less than an hour…. what?! It’s amazing how many more “farm chores” I can get done now that it doesn’t take me two hours to check email & pay bills… did I mention you can now follow us on Facebook?

So, the gist of the story goes like this:

I ordered the hens last March, for arrival April 22nd. That meant that the farmer had 6 weeks to build the coop. He decided to start on April 18th (of course!).

The morning we left to go pick up the girls, Warren was frantically trying to get the coop ready…. the inside & outside needed to be painted, windows needed to be caged, the roof installed, and a run built with all our new fencing! He still had a few hours, though…could he get it done in time?


Without fail, when we pulled up in the truck with a box full of chickens, the coop was ready to go! Well, at least the inside anyway. Notice the tarpped roof.


The girls checking out their new space… and Bellagio!


Getting the roof on (a couple days later).

Since we had only fenced a temporary run, a few days later, our good friend’s came by and helped us with fencing the real one.


The boys worked real hard all day in the sun. i felt it was my duty to make them a few cocktails….


the farmer taking five by the temporary run.


Saved from a life in a barn, the girls are reluctant to exit their coop for the 1st time. But, it wont be long until they annihilate any greenness in their run!


At first, i wasn’t sure what this was for…


but it looks pretty good, eh?


That didn’t take long!


And about a week later, we finally finished the gate. The rope that’s dangling from the roof is part of a pulley system that opens the hen’s door, letting them into the run, without us having to go inside. (that farmer thinks of everything!)

IMG_1025Our 1st egg!!


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