my onions!!!!!

One of our goals for the farm this year was to put up a new greenhouse. A few weeks ago, we took the plunge and ordered one. It’s going to be 20’x50′. So, we got out the measuring tape, and started thinking of where we would put it. We knew it had to go near the main garden; it has the most sun exposure, and irrigation is close. It seemed awkward anywhere we would imagine it- we couldn’t have it too close to our compost, because that would eventually be expanding, and it didn’t really fit anywhere else, because of the existing greenhouse. We decided that it was time to take down the old greenhouse……..waaa!


I liked this little greenhouse, it was good to me! last year I had 16 tomato plants in there, not to mention fresh basil,  bell peppers, hot peppers, and eggplant.  That’s where I’ve planted my overwintered onions, and even started my plants for this year as well. AND we took the time to re-skin it last summer. (those holes on the side are the results of snow removal, haha!) So, I started to try to convince the farmer to move it, with his machine, to the other side of the garden, to start a strawberry patch underneath… he agreed!

imageThis greenhouse is made of bent rebar and wood, so the farmer put up a cross beam for support, and to hook the sling onto. He cut a hole in the poly, and slipped the sling through.

With my fingers crossed, he backed up the hoe…


hooked up the sling…


and pulled tight…


But the greenhouse didn’t budge!

We decided to try repostitioning the back-hoe in another spot, and that got the left side out! But then also the doors pulled apart…. which the farmer reinforced it by nailing across a 2×4…. Great. Is this going to work? or will the rebar just splay out, flinging old wood & poly in the air??


We realized that one of the reasons it wasn’t moving was because the support beams on the top right corner weren’t uprooting out of the ground. So, we parked the hoe back in the original spot, and used the bucket in the door frame to try and lift out the two stubborn beams.

Screen shot 2013-06-26 at 1.06.15 PM

We repositioned the hoe to the side of the greenhouse again, and tried pulling one more time. But, the boom was maxed out and we couldn’t get the straight up pull we wanted. It was even starting to lift the hoe on 2 wheels!

Screen shot 2013-06-26 at 1.37.58 PM

Sensing his frustration building, I started to wonder if we were going to save our little greenhouse…………and before I knew it, THIS happened!

Screen shot 2013-06-26 at 1.27.43 PM

“MY ONIONS!!”, I screamed. These were, after all, the very onions that I had baby’d since the end of last summer, and all through the snowy winter, for us to harvest and eat in July when they’d FINALLY be ready… Thankfully, the farmer took a step back, and dismantled the greenhouse by hand, saving my onions. (we had to harvest them early though… and they were delicious on the barbie!)



So much for my strawberry patch….


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