scapes! scapes! scapes!

Just a quick post because I’m bursting with excitement! The garlic scapes are out!!! This is by far one of the BEST things that comes out of my garden. I mean, the real prize when you plant garlic is actually the bulb and cloves. But, the scapes are always an unanticipated score! Of course you must remove these beautiful flowers before they bloom, so the plant’s energy can keep the bulb growing… but i don’t mind cuz they’re SO delicious! I add them to just about anything- tacos, stir-fry, stuffed peppers, pasta, or just steamed with a little butter and salt. But the majority go into jars, and covered in brine to keep my caesars company all year around…

What do you do with yours?


6 thoughts on “scapes! scapes! scapes!

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