starting out

I’ve been thinking of this blog for a long time, but haven’t had the courage to get it going. And I don’t know how else to start, but to just start. So here goes… A little about us: Warren and I met in Vancouver, BC, where I grew up, and shortly after, got married. About a year after the wedding, he convinced me to move to HIS hometown, Squamish, about 1 hour north of the city, 40 mins south of Whistler, in BC’s costal rainforest. I agreed. Little did I know that this was his way of “breaking me in” to the rural life… I was so bored, at first; I took up gardening, and became hooked.


this is a picture of my very first garden. notice how i let my tomatoes grow wild? BIG mistake….

Later, in search of a simpler, more sustainable, and tastier life, we sought out for a little property in the Upper Squamish Valley, about 25 mins from town. We found a piece of heaven. Surrounded by waterfalls, rugged mountains, and giant cedars, our 10-acre parcel is 1/3 meadow, and 2/3 forested.


I officially traded in my high-heels for rubber boots.

We’ve lived here for almost a year, and plan to get a little farm running, so I can eventually stay home with the children, and make a little cash on the side. So far, we have 1 child. His name is Johnny, and is just two months old. We also have two dogs: Hunter, our German Shepherd cross that we rescued; and Bellagio, our three-legged Chihuahua.


We have three fairly large gardens, and a small greenhouse, that provide us with veggies for most of the year. And the newest addition to the farm? Twenty-three laying hens, which provide enough eggs for the five of us, and my ENTIRE Greek family!


So follow along, and you’ll see how we get our farm up and running. With topics like planting, growing, & harvesting; canning, freezing, & other delicious food stuff; the egg business; and raising the boy. Successes, rookie mistakes, and hilarious moments included, I promise.

One thought on “starting out

  1. Are you kidding!?? I would love to follow your blog!! Yay!!! Now I’ll feel like I am around you a bit more!! Miss you and your humor!!! Xox Allie

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